You won't know your worth until you take a hit.

"Feminism keeps you afloat because you use it in an amorphous and highly subjective manner, no different than any other batshit Tumblr Feminist who thinks "Men are like, literally problematic". It offers you the same wholesale propositions of equality while acting as a shield for the crazy cunts of this world who aim to systematically depress men while crying tears of victim hood. And you’ve never questioned the necessity of Feminism as a movement because it is a gender cult. It allows all the glittering propositions on equality while in practice engages regularly in thought policing, countless acts of violence and suppression, and even historical revisionism."

Feminism is a gender cult full of new-age iconoclast hipsters condemning the everyman from their ivory towers.
I don’t need feminism because no matter what sources I bring up, it’s seen as against women,because I disagree with the modern, third wave of feminism within first world countries. There is no rape culture or a pay gap, especially in America, where I am from. When I explain that to people, I am called a misogynist, and told to, “Never vote, drive, or speak freely.” or that I don’t understand. I thank, and love the foremothers of the movement, and I’m against modern feminism because I understand.
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We don’t need feminism because millions of infant males undergo forced genital mutilation and feminists have done nothing to end the practice.
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We don’t need feminism because we didn’t need Jewism or Blackism. Respect does not require an independent movement, least of all a divisive one that seeks to raise itself by lowering others.
We don’t need feminism because the whole concept of feminism is not gender equality, but female empowerment, and any feminist who tries to tell you otherwise is lying to both you, and herself
Women of the U.S. don’t need Modern Feminism because it isn’t a battle for rights, it is a battle to change EVERYONE’S culture because they are “oppressed” by it. Some people are just raised different and not everyone HAS A FEMINIST’S PERFECT “EDUCATED” MIND THEY EARNED FROM BLOGGING ON TUMBLR WITH THEIR LAPTOPS AND PHONES.
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